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A team of problem-solvers, designers and developers.

We’re a digital agency in the heart of Birmingham. We work in partnership with innovative companies, devising long-term strategies that focus on efficiency and profitability. We implement change that aims to impact every area of the business.

Instead of making superficial improvements, we develop a deeper understanding of your business by working with you over a long period. Our iterative approach to developing digital products will help streamline everything from internal processes to user experience.

Guillaume Piot

Managing Director

Guillaume’s talent for solving problems naturally draws him to anything involving electronics and technology. Born in the South of France, he enjoys snowboarding in the Alps and cooking Mediterranean food. The best-dressed developer in the office, with a mind as sharp as his sense of style.

Alex Russell

Senior Developer

One the world’s most meticulous minds, you can ask Alex almost anything and he’ll find the answer in seconds. Coding from the age of seven, he approaches problems from multiple angles and tests all possibilities. Alex also knows enough phrases in other languages to pretend he’s fluent and his favourite word in English is verbose, often followed by ‘What can possibly go wrong?’

Gavin Filmer

Senior Designer

Gavin has a background in music alongside his passion for design. Never missing a beat, his creative side comes out in the areas of design, user interface and user experience. He’s into loud music and screen printing, and turns up his t-shirt sleeves ‘because it looks better, obviously’. He also once organised a music festival, which makes everything else seem easy.

David Clegg


A qualified Thai boxing instructor and outdoors enthusiast, David is affectionately known as our resident bodyguard. He’s also equally handy with Python and Django, and looks after server management and continuous deployment for our clients. He was once bitten by the Blue Peter turtle and often uses a keyboard from the ‘70s (although, these two facts are apparently unrelated).

Anthony Porter

Front End Developer

When he’s not reliving the best of ‘80s films and music, Anthony spends his time exploring new cultures and cuisine. An experienced front end developer, his skills include UI & UX, digital design, email development and even vintage HTML! Away from the screen, you can also find him hanging out at folk and jazz festivals and (on a good day) supporting Birmingham City.

Gavin Auty


Always making plans, Gavin is our design and brand strategist. His straight-talking, clear-thinking approach helps our clients to uncover potential and find a clear direction for their business. The only time he was ever known to lose his way was during a three-month trip around the untouched corners of South-East Asia – but even then his backpack was impeccably organised at all times.

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