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Smart event accommodation

Barcelona-based event accommodation specialists Akommo began their partnership with Cotidia over a decade ago. In the following years we have been iteratively enhancing their web application into a fully fledged business model.

The flexible admin manages hundreds of international clients from initial enquiry through to booking, fronted by smart and clean interface.

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Business Goals


Integrating multiple aspects of the process into one system immediately reduced the amount of separate processes involved, consequently saving time and increasing efficiency.

Visual appeal

We crafted a visually impressive, yet highly functional interface that is exciting for the user, whilst handling a lot of options and information.


The Akommo team connect directly with their clients directly through the application, as well as managing properties and projects - keeping the workflow and admin all in one place.


A key goal was to inform new visitors of the services offered and benefits of using Akommo, subsequently converting visits to enquiries.


Our long-term partnership has been built on an understanding of Akommo’s business goals and administrative needs. A heavy focus on key interface elements, such as property filters, accommodation details and account areas has pushed the client-facing site forward. All these enhancements help establish Akommo as the market leader for event accommodation.

Despite having over 1000 miles between us, through our understanding of Akommo’s workflow and requirements we have been able to create a system that empowers the team with efficient processes.

The process

Gathering a deep understanding of Akommo’s booking process, both online an internally, we began to find ways of increasing efficiency and simplicity.

Booking management

Akommo’s methods needed refining and streamlining by reducing the amount of spreadsheets and additional process, and managing bookings through one intelligent application.

Intuitive interface

We were excited to handle a complex front-end requiring meticulous detail, from each small component up to page layout and interaction.

Rewarding results

Thorough planning, research and client feedback all come together in this complex system that delivers for both front-end users and the Akommo admin team.


As an accommodation management system, it is extremely intelligent and is capable of managing bookings, enquiries, invoices and much more.

However, the client-facing interface keeps details uncomplicated, delivering instant information and options for the user to easily and quickly find and book their perfect accommodation.

Interactive map

The interactive map integrates with Google Maps API to plot properties with a relationship to each accommodation card.

Advanced filters

Taking a wide range of filtering options into account, the clean and intuitive filtering enables the customer to find suitable properties with ease.​

Single click wishlist

It takes only one click to add a property to a wishlist. Whether the user is new to Akommo or already signed in, wishlisting is instant and simple.

Booking management

Admins can access all bookings and customer information from one secure, well tailored back-office area.

Accommodation inventory

Manages the availability, features and amenities of thousands of properties across Europe, including Cannes, Paris, Hanover & Barcelona.


Generate and download instant data reports to help manage bookings off-site for major events.

Cotidia has been our go-to web team for some years now. At Akommo we've recently made exciting advances in essential functionality, including finely detailed improvements to the design of the UI. Cotidia acts as an essential partner to accomplish this.

Our clients need the Akommo web experience to offer a smooth interface with somewhat complex tools and services. Cotidia have the expertise to make these happen and to deliver them in a clean, clear, and inspiring way.

Jason Greenman, Founder & CEO of Akommo

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