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A strong identity bringing a brand to life

Land Attic came to Cotidia with an exciting, forward-thinking concept. With a background in land development, they knew their market well and saw opportunities to create something new for an industry not yet making such digital progression.

We partnered with Land Attic to help transform this idea into reality, from branding and visual identity through to a strong online platform to generate leads and deliver results.

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Business Goals


We created a distinctive look for the brand, with a strong logo which is adaptable to multiple formats, from a small icon to the full brand stamp


As a startup business, Land Attic needed a recognisable and impactful brand that would stand out and be remembered.


The client shared our vision for a crisp and clear interface for the website. Using delicate borders, impactful call to actions and a subtle balance of greys we delivered the desired look.


Balancing valuable information with simple, clear styling, primary information points deliver key data through considered and accessible UI.

Our process

Far more than just the final design, the logo is a result of much thought and planning. Each element is considered and has reason. along with incorporating different meanings into the icons, we crafted a unique font where each letter has a relationship to the others, in terms of placement and alignment.

The letter L of the word Land

The letter L of the word Land

The letter A of the word Attic

The letter A of the word Attic

A chimney on a roof

A chimney of a roof

The apex of an attic

The apex of an attic

A balcony of an attic

A balcony of an attic


With a solid visual identity in place, we were able to further the brand integrity through their stationery and online platforms. With the website fast growing from MVP to a feature-enhanced portfolio, Land Attic is making big steps in the Land Development world. Using the digital platform we delivered, they are able to use the website as a primary point of reference for all their commercial enquiries.

We started working with Cotidia with no brand, identity or anything visual to show as we began our venture. They had the ideas and the skills to create a visually impressive brand that helped launch us as a company.

Aside from their creative capabilities, the team are a pleasure to work with; full of ideas, fast moving and forward thinking. Our work with Cotidia is now ongoing, as we consider them more a part of our business than an external agency.

Ben Tibbetts, Founder of Land Attic

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