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Connecting 1000s of multimedia freelancers with projects

Man With A Cam (MWAC) is digital network of media production freelancers working across the USA. All connected, managed and mobilised by our bespoke digital application.

We continue to partner with MWAC, helping develop their intuitive, functional and dynamic online platform. A system which allows them to run the entire business with a centralised full time staff.

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Business Goals

Smart search

MWAC staff are able to search a huge number of freelancers in an intuitive and organised way. Delving into the data to find the exact specifications they require, from specialist skills to a certain camera lens.

Simple & efficient

The system supports the entire process, from finding the right person for the job, to helping ensure the work is undertaken properly, right through to invoicing. It takes all the hassle out of the process for all involved.

Streamlined onboarding

The onboarding process is a key function of the system and one that has been continually refined to ensure it’s easy for freelancers to register. It has maximised the number of signups, giving the team a larger scope to find the right people.


We thrive to ensure that MWAC is the best solution on the market. Our support enables them to stay ahead of the game – often cited as a market leader by those who use it.

Trust & Understanding

The 3,367 miles that sit between Cotidia and MWAC is only a number. Despite the vast array of development talent in NYC, we’re really proud that MWAC continue to trust us push their business forward.

From small beginnings as a chat about the Google Spreadsheet Todd and Milos were running a few contracts from, MWAC has become one of our longest standing projects. Over the last 4 years we’ve developed a level of trust and honesty that empowers us to think deeper about how to continually improve the technology to ensure we’re giving them the best product on the market.

How MWAC delivers using cotidia technology:

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Kate Upton
Glamour magazine
Serena Williams
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Kim Kardashian
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Our initial product has grown from strength to strength over the years, as MWAC expands and the system becomes more complex. The system continues to evolve and progress to support the needs of the client and the users needs.

The addition of advanced features including geolocation searching and payment integration means we continue to support MWAC and help the business excel.

Single page application (SPA)

We’ve designed the system to live in one easy to access and manage place, and even though it’s a web app, we’ve enabled users to place an app badge on their phone to create a seamless interface.

Secure admin

MWAC have an extensive admin system with full visibility and management of all people, jobs and invoices at any given time. But more importantly, it provides an oversight on the business performance data and statistics. Additionally, it boasts 2 factor authentication to keep everything super secure.

Bespoke API

We built a fully bespoke API (Application Programming Interface) that enables both the web application used by freelancers and the administration panel used by the MWAC staff to manage data from one single endpoint.

Payment management

The ability to raise and process invoices through the app was a big undertaking to build, but one that adds huge value to the functionality and eliminates hours of admin for everyone involved.


The ability to dynamically find people people and map how far away they are from a job is key for clients trying to plan complex productions that are hundreds of miles away from them.


We enabled payroll automation to further save time and increase financial efficiency.

The team at Cotidia has given this project the backbone that has enabled it to become not only a viable business model — but a very profitable and reliable one at that.

It's not too much of an exaggeration to say this wouldn't have happened without them.

Milos Silber, Co-founder of Man With A Cam

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