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Recording the messages that matter most to their loved ones

My Farewell partnered with Cotidia to bring an inspired and impassioned idea to life; a simple but heartwarming idea of leaving messages for their family or friends to be passed on when they are no longer there for them.

My Farewell soon became a unique and welcoming smart phone app with secure video recording facilities, in-app subscriptions and all the functionality required to deliver these messages when the time is right.

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Business Goals


My Farewell deals with very sensitive and personal data, which we had to be very aware of and create a product that its users can trust on a human level.


Each step of the process is clear and simple for the user, allowing them to enjoy using the app and able to focus on their messages rather than the use of the application itself.


All correspondence and storage of data through the app is of utmost security and privacy, enabling the user to have full trust in the product they are using.


Establishing My Farewell as a respected and trusted market leader in personal message delivery, through quality products and an engaging user experience.


Since originally meeting with the My Farewell team, we have been heavily embedded in the whole process of how My Farewell works and what it can deliver to its users. Alongside the app, we have worked closely with the client to refresh the brand, formulate a strong yet welcoming tone, and translate this into a fresh and informative new website.

The Process

Considerable UX factors were accounted for and extensive wireframing to determine the user flow and UI of the app.

Feedback led design

Page designs coupled with focus group feedback led the way for a clean and simple interface, suited to the app.

Iterative build

A lean MVP approach to the iterative build, with regular client feedback as proof of concept becomes a feature driven final product.

The launch

Launch of the app through Apple’s App Store coupled with the new website puts My Farewell live online.


The My Farewell app, although simple in its use, boasts a variety of complexities, which we took great pleasure in navigating. In-app video recording with cloud storage retains privacy for the user, whilst in-app payment securely deals with a series of subscription plans.

Along with the app, we carried the updated My Farewell brand across to a new, streamlined, responsive website at

Video recording

Users record their farewell messages directly in the app using either the front-facing or rear-facing cameras, and manage these videos before choosing to upload them to the cloud. Videos can still be managed and deleted after upload offering complete control.

In-app subscriptions

Having a subscription to the cloud storage using iTunes In-App Purchases makes it easy for the end user to subscribe to the service using their iTunes account. Subscribing is a case of pressing a button and they don’t have to hand their card details over.

Bespoke API

We built a fully bespoke API (Application Programming Interface) that enables both the iPhone app and the administration panel used by the My Farewell staff to manage recorded video and data from one single endpoint.

Fully content managed

Using our bespoke CMS, the My Farewell website can be fully managed by the client. From small text updates to creating new pages, the simple-to-use back end system gives the client complete access and a wealth of tools and features to edit and enhance their site.

Secure & safe storage

Making use of the latest cloud technologies to ensure that all videos are safely stored. All connections are encrypted using SSL technology.

Discreet distribution system

One key challenge of this project was to distribute the farewell videos to the user's loved ones when the time is right. We implemented an approval process that discreetly ensures that the videos are released with executors' consent.

Working with Cotidia has successfully brought my idea to life. The team has been able to not only understand my vision, but also refine & enhance the concept to become a feasible and valuable proposition. Aiding us from the very beginning with calculated journey flows and feature planning, through to the complexities of creating the app.

We were so impressed with the creativity and solutions offered for the app that we handed them the task of creating our new website too.”

James Chambers, founder of My Farewell

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