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Turning understanding into ideas with commercial reward

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you need, or you need us to ask some difficult questions to uncover the possibilities, our process is simple to follow but detailed in execution.

And every stage is a collaboration between our team of specialists and yours, ensuring we’ve always got the right people working together to achieve the most effective outcomes.

1. Strategic discovery & insight

Understanding your business and project needs

Our experience of business and technology combines to ensure we understand your organisation as part of the bigger picture so we can advise how to make the most of your investment and maximise the impact of digital.

2. User-centred UX & UI design

Putting the user at the heart of the process

We define design not just as a visual ideas process, but as a practical process that’s centred around the user and their needs, meaning the output is as much about functional as it is about creativity. Our process begins by mapping user journeys before we design the content layout and structure of the build. Only then will do explore and apply any brand-led visual and user interface designs.

3. Development & testing

Building the system and solution

The all important programming of the build is when our team of coders develop actual system, tool or app to work exactly as we planned. Over the years we have developed and perfected a reliable and secure core system; we then build out the modules and tools you need for your bespoke solution. Once we have elements ready, we invite you to help us test the build to ensure robustness before finally deploying and launching the solution into a live environment.

4. Launch, report & analyse

Data-driven performance improvements

Launching any digital project is as a beginning as it is an end. We believe any digital project should be seen as long-term investment that should always account for iterative updates and improvements in order to maximise performance and ROI. Most systems by their very nature are designed to utilise or collect data, and in turn this provides us the understanding and insights with which we can continually improve performance.

Bespoke systems

The right tools and systems to support key strategic and commercial objectives.

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Mobile applications

Digital applications and mobile interfaces to communicate and engage.

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