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The economic power of innovation

04 November 2016

For businesses (big and small), innovation can be seen as a nonessential investment. It’s often perceived to be too costly or time-intensive, or simply something that has never been needed and so why start now? But whilst many businesses fail to consider innovation as a necessary requirement. This in itself can be a risky strategy. Moreover, it is those that lead the evolution that will often enjoy the most success.

Everybody wants to change the world but nobody wants to change

I'm sure many businesses have had grand ideas of creating real impact in their industry and setting new standards. But the cold reality is that we often get caught up in the day-to-day of managing problems more than we do exploring bigger plans for the long-term. And in feeling overwhelmed, we in turn struggle to find the time and space to begin challenging ourselves on what can be achieved if and when we put our mind to it.

But at Cotidia, we believe it is exactly in the day-to-day that we can start to innovate and make small business wins that slowly, over time, give us the breathing space to focus on the bigger picture.

Every moment in life, every opportunity is a choice to innovate and have an impact.
— Frances Colon

The Japanese principle of ‘Kaizen’, represents — in the business context — the practice of ‘continuous improvement’ or ‘change for better’. Which champions the practice of small, incremental change across the business every day to constantly improve the productivity and output of business functions.

It teaches us that taking action to improve things — even if only a small modification — may be better than waiting or overthinking before taking action which can lead to decision paralysis. In other words it's better to constantly keep chipping away at the mountain than it is to simply stand at bottom planning how to reach the top.

A new age

In this, the digital age, technology is influencing the pace of change faster than ever before, leaving those who haven't explored the possibilities at risk of being left behind. At Cotidia, we work in close partnership with our clients to really understand their operation and provide the technological expertise to provide the digital opportunities that improve workflow, reduce wastage, automate processes and increase output.

Every day, we endeavour to integrate real innovation into our clients’ processes and operations by identifying the pain points in their workflow and selecting the appropriate technology or strategy to transform those difficulties into efficiencies and opportunities.

Man With A Cam run a nationwide network of video professionals from one central system. Over the years, we’ve helped them streamline their operational processes. It all started with just a modest Google spreadsheet, it's now building a fully bespoke management system, centralising their entire operation; including staff management, job management, budget management, finances and external communications.

Creating a single point system that manages their entire operation quickly, effectively and consistently allows them the focus to deliver high-quality media content to their clients.

The main goal of business is to develop new and innovative goods and services that generate economic growth while delivering benefits to society.
— David Ahlstrom

Innovation may sound like a scary word, but by integrating it into the fabric of a business, it allows us the ability to continuously improve in order to be and stay at the forefront of your industry — especially as we continue deeper into the digital age.

We, as a company, are committing ourselves to research and understand the best of future technologies to make sure those tools are used to the best of their potential to make tomorrow a better day.

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