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Email Marketing in 2018

31 January 2018

How we use digital technologies to represent and communicate our brand is constantly changing, day-to-day it seems. One of the best formats we have at our disposal is also one of the oldest, which is – you guessed it – email. When used correctly it has the power to open and keep a dialogue with everyone, from existing clients to prospective ones and everyone in between.

The Power of Email

According to data from VentureBeat, email is the hardest working channel we have as marketers at our disposal - offering a higher return on investment than most other media channels. Sales & Marketing consultancy McKinsey also estimate that email offers 40 times more of a return on your investment than social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.

Through offering personalisation to our email campaigns we can also point to data which shows users feel more engaged. Travel booking website Expedia noticed over 25% more clicks being made when personalisation was added. So something as simple as adding the first name inside an email, as opposed to a generic “Hello” proves more personal and engaging. This also strengthens the argument that your marketing can only be effective when you’re talking to the right people. Sending a one-size-fits-all email to a large mailing list in hope of triggering a response or action can often lead to disappointment.

As with any marketing campaign or communication, we have to remember that content is key. If what you're sending isn’t relevant to the audience and demographic you're sending to, results will often be disappointing. This is where we strongly recommend you are collecting and curating the correct data and customer list. This means keeping data for all existing and potential customers who've expressed an interest and would like to stay in touch. So not just collecting email addresses, but more information like name, age, company role and business/industry type.

The era of mobile

In 2015, mobile devices surpassed desktop screens for email opens, meaning people were seeing emails for the first time on a small screen, without the luxury of a large desktop and in a more condensed space, meaning real-estate was now an issue.

The shift to mobile for email has changed how we present and relay information as marketers.

So new challenges arose, like relaying information much quicker and optimising the content. For instance, someone on a mobile might not be sitting in the comfort of an office and could be opening their emails while waiting in a coffee shop or standing on a train platform. So time, attention span and environment are new factors we should consider when deciding how we structure and lay our emails out.

A success story for Purnell’s

At Cotidia we’ve been working with the team at the Michelin-starred Purnell’s restaurant since 2012 on how they use digital to communicate with their website visitors and diners at the restaurant. The subscribers we send to have either requested the newsletter in the restaurant or have visited the official website and signed up for the mailing list. We have implemented a newsletter sign-up form on the website so it posts directly into Campaign Monitor, our email software of choice.

The goal of the newsletter is to keep Glynn’s fans up to date with his work and any offers and promotions. We also use it to send important information regarding the restaurant and menu. On top of this, we use the newsletter to advertise and remind subscribers that vouchers are available, which we promote at Christmas and around special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Purnell's open and click-through rates compared to industry average

The results we have back from the Purnell’s newsletter are strong, in a campaign that goes out to more than 5,000 subscribers over five times a year. In our most recent campaign, we received an open rate of 45% and a click-through rate of 38% (compared to industry standards of 21% and 1% in the restaurant sector). This is largely due to sending out to an up-to-date and concentrated list of users who are interested in the subject and content.

How can we help?

Do you keep an ongoing dialogue with your customer and clients, or do you wait for them to approach you? We can help you in terms of gathering data and also look at the kind of content you’re currently sending out. The common goal being to make your email communications work harder to better benefit your commercial needs and help grow your business.

Please call us on 0121 638 0845 or email to discuss this with us in more detail.