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Cotidia Connect: a smart system for your business

21 August 2018

At Cotidia we pride ourselves on our ability to develop complex bespoke systems for a wide range of businesses. For that reason, it is equally important that we have a user interface that our clients can easily use. Read on to find out why we invested time into our own platform, as opposed to using an off the shelf solution.

The requirement

A lot of our clients require their website to work hard for their business - making it much more than just a front facing shop for them. Some require their website to complete simple processes like manually adding orders, checking and automating sales all the way through to editing and adding content to the website itself. Others require a much deeper system, involving complex data matching and automated finance systems.

Within our system, we’ve also added the ability to create a unique user flow. This includes different levels of administrative rights - meaning actions and processes are tailored to exactly who should be performing them and data is kept private to only those who need to see it.

Why have we done this?

In producing our own system we have been able to tailor it to be as efficient and light as possible. Unlike many websites, which use large open source libraries - often marketed as a “one-size-fits-all” systems - we avoid this and take full control over what our clients are given access to.

Managing your website when you’re relying heavily on plugins and themes to stay up-to-date can be difficult. Add to this the stress factor that being (in most cases) free, there’s no guarantee the developer won’t decide to remove them or stop offering updates, ultimately meaning websites that rely on them have no promises of being future proof and working with future browsers and devices.

The benefits of our system

Our system is developed in a modular way - meaning we can expand it in a way that directly benefits your needs and requirements. We're always conscious of considering the goals of your business and work to satisfy the data requirements of those first and foremost. We believe these goals should be at the core of everything your website is striving towards.

Where next?

If you feel your existing website could benefit from a content management system to help improve efficiency and be tailored towards your businesses goals, please get in touch.

Please call us on 0121 638 0845 or email to discuss.