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Making automation work for you and your business

27 September 2018

For many businesses, it can be the same small and repetitive tasks that consume precious time and resource. These tasks then become a costly burden despite being essential components of the process, product or service. Worse still, they can also get in the way of important strategic work that could ultimately help manage these small tasks more effectively. That’s where digital automation will help.

Transformation within the steel industry

Back in the nineties steel fabrication required month long stock takes twice a year in order to predict their stock requirements for the next six months. Until one forward thinking company decided to adopt a Material Resource Planning (MRP) system to transform their approach; they would automate a considerable part of the stock planning system. With stock planning times reduced to a day, this enabled them to carry out monthly plans and commit to smaller orders, reduced stockholding and quicker lead times.

Many other companies attempted to copy this success by installing their own MRP systems however they didn't achieve the same level of success as they didn’t follow suit with further areas of their operation. This left them many steps behind the leaders who took the opportunity to embrace change and push the transformation forward substantially.

The key to this success story was correctly embracing technologies and understanding the implications for the rest of the company, to gain a competitive edge.

Cotidia partners leading the way

At Cotidia we actively encourage and inspire businesses to embrace new technologies and platforms to increase efficiencies and reduce wasted time and resources. It is our goal to find these inefficiencies within a business, product or service and delve deep into the problem and find solutions that will positively impact the business through pragmatic thinking and digital technologies.

Each case is unique, and transformation can be approached in many ways. For example, our work with MWAC has seen their invoicing system iteratively progress from spreadsheets and manual billing, to a fully automated system. Whereas our work with a recent e-commerce startup began with automation as the basis of the business plan. We developed a fully automated stock management system importing data from suppliers and outputting orders for dispatch, all through the system and with barely any human input required.

We see automation as a key feature to successfully transforming a business, product or service into a future-facing market leader. However these technologies should be approached in the right way, in a way that suits your company and the people who work within it. It is either a case of growing the software with the business, or the business with the software. We specialise in helping you find the right path to make your business succeed.

Let's make automation work for your business

Could your business become better, faster and smarter through automating area within your process? It’s highly unlikely the answer is no. We can help you find these inefficiencies and resolve problems in your process, whether that is by transforming internal systems, automating time consuming tasks or other means of digital assistance, let us help you take the next step.

If you would like to chat about how we could help your business, please give us a call us on 0121 638 0845 or email